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Integrity - Transparency - Best Use of Tax Dollars

"I was born in mid-Michigan and have lived here most my life. Growing up in a hard-working family, I was taught to commit to what needs to be done honestly and whole heartedly. Getting the job done is what I do. Vote for me August 6th and I will always strive to get the job done for you."

Meet Nicole

Nicole has dedicated 10 years to serving the people of Victor Township. Leading broadband efforts, she helped secure nearly $15 million in grant funds to expand internet to over 3200 locations in Clinton County.


As a medical device design engineer and product manager, Nicole worked with top doctors and hospitals across the nation, as well as international production facilities. It is important to clearly map directions that address needs effectively, efficiently, and for the least cost. She understands how things work and is uniquely suited to listen to constituents and elevate issues.


Mother of three, Girl Scout leader, and involved community member with professional experience, Nicole has an unmatched work ethic, technical expertise and is driven to serve the best interests of the people. With your vote August 6th, she can continue to transform problems into opportunities for our residents.



  • B.S., M.S. Mechanical Engineering - MSU​

  • Design Engineer, Product Development - Stryker

  • Product Manager, Marketing - Stryker

  • Industry Representative for Priority Health Technology Assessment Committee

  • Developed and executed research protocols for medical device FDA Clearance

Committed to People and Community

As your next Commissioner Nicole will strengthen our RURAL...

  • local businesses

  • emergency services

  • public safety

  • local workforce

  • property rights

  • recreational opportunities

Clinton County NEEDS Nicole

As your next Commissioner to...

  • Navigate modern issues using engineering and project management skills

  • Champion work that serves the people and saves tax dollars

  • Take apart problems and create solutions

  • Form cooperative partnerships with existing resources

  • Properly inform communities and fellow board members

  • Speak up and answer questions directly​​

Nicole's Priorities

As your next Clinton County Commissioner

Serve Clinton County with Integrity

Nicole is honest, hard working and dedicated to serving the best interest of the people. She will diligently work to ensure that decisions reflect what is best for the community rather than what is best for decisions makers. 


Act as a steward for your tax Dollars

Each year citizens are required to pay taxes. They work hard for this money and it should work for them.  Nicole is dedicated to maximizing the value of our tax dollars and strengthening our communities by doing away with bureaucratic “business-as-usual”.


Promote Transparency and Good Government

The law requires government information to be made available to the public. But we the people must make a continual effort to find this information in order to be aware. Nicole will strive to inform residents of what’s going on so decisions are not pushed through without citizen input.

Contact Nicole

Paid for by CTE Nicole Fickes for District 1 Commissioner

6340 Victoria Shore Dr.

Laingsburg, MI 48848

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